The Deathly Arena

He's back...

The most dangerous foe returns. Again.
This time, there’ll be no holding back.
To give a sporting chance, the party gets 3 rounds of prep time before being forced into the arena…

Temple of the Fluffy Bunny
Some cultists will worship anything...

The challenge is simple.
A temple built to house and guard the idol a group of cultists worshipped long ago.
There will be traps. There will be puzzles. There will be a duck. (The horror!)
There will be doom aplenty, but the reward will be well worth the pain, for those who survive.

Fang'd death
Just a dragon... really.

A young adult fang dragon was the challenge last time… unfortunately, it proved that sometimes, it’s better to just face facts. Unprepared is unprepared.
After the blood was cleaned up, the dragon was pleased to add the prize money to it’s hoard.


The arena is an always-present challenge with a long history (even in campaign) of blood and death. Many lie forgotten, and more have fallen to the brutal tests.
So much has happened, it’s difficult to list the horrors that have been seen.


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